Products made in denim were originally born to be used as working clothes. However, due to its characteristics, like strength and high durability, jeans (and some denim brands) became very popular and widely used. The use of this type of fabric was made regardless of races, religion or social status.

Most of denim creations are a mixture of the high-quality material with a great sense of fashion. And because we love denim so much, we will show you denim brands that amaze us… and that do justice, through their creations, to this great fabric.

Find some denim brands that we’re passionate about and why…


7 for all Mankind

7 for all Mankind style. Black man using denim wearing.

Peter Koral and Jerome Dahan saw an empty space (and an opportunity) in the contemporary denim market. For that reason, they created 7 for all Mankind, also known as 7FAM.

What we like in this brand is the way it’s made, an important reason for its success. Here we can find attention to detail, great fit, fabrics, washes and the distinct logo on the products back pocket. It’s a very popular brand which is used for many celebrities. Prince Harry is one of those.



Lee – Denim Brands – Man playing the guitar using stylish denim coat

The entrepreneurial style from Henry David Lee allowed him to create, in 1889, the HD Lee Mercantile company. The company was specialized in the distribution of different types of goods, from food to stationary. Lee then understood how difficult it was to get suitable workwear for his laborers and decided to take the matter in his own hands. He started to make garments with superior quality and durability and soon became a very sought brand.

What we love about Lee, besides it’s amazing history, is the impressive range of products that the brand has. It includes from jackets to accessories. The Kansas City brand also made a lot to be an important player in the industry, and it has a very important role on denim development.



R13, Green God Save America Jacket

Rough, though, irreverent, non-conformist are just a few adjectives that can describe what this brand always brings to the denim landscape.

From the creative design of Chris Leba (former VP of Ralph Lauren) it shows a clear influence of grunge and punk-rock movements, and it creates, since 2009, clothes full of attitude. Their distinctive destroyed skinny jeans, fun avant-garde styles vintage band tees or leather pants make us always excited for their new releases.



Frame. Woman with hat and denim coat

Two branding guys decide to create a denim brand. What can happen? It has the potential to become a cult label. That’s what happened to Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, that created Frame.

Frame splits between Los Angeles and London. This can be seen though their collections, taking the expression “dressed up casual” to the fullest. The idea follows the footsteps of the 70’S style icons. And it’s  a cool brand that we love.



PRPS . Shirt and jeans

The workers’ worn denim serves as an inspiration for Donwan Harrel, the former Nike designer, to develop its creations. Even the letters PRPS stands for “purpose” because everything you do in life should have one.

“Bruised not Broken” it’s its motto and it suits perfectly the principles of the New York’s based brand.

Established since 2002, the global lifestyle brand has some distinguishing features like the purple selvage line, folded back pocket, the different colored buttons on the fly and, of course, the Bruised Angel logo. And we think that it is amazing.


Fear of God

Fear of god. Woman dressed with denim

The brand was founded recently in 2013 by Jerry Lorenzo. It already has made a huge impact in the fashion and denim industry, though.

Jerry was an athlete manager and it made him realize the lack of clothing options for his clients. What did he do? He decides to start designing himself. Fear of God is clearly build in the roots of streetwear but always with the trade mark of Lorenzo’s interests.

We love this brand for its uniqueness and we’re not the only ones. His design has been acclaimed and his clothes dressed by several personalities. Jay-Z or Elen DeGeneres are some of those, and even leading Kanye West to invite him to develop is Yeezy line.


Hudson Jeans

Hudson Jeans. Woman with her hands in her head and denim jacket

Costumers like Cara Delevingne and Britney Spears show that Hudson Jeans edgy design and the willingness to take risks pays off. Since 2002 this is one of the most recognized denim brands in all the world.

The slogan “London edge meets LA glam” fully embodies Peter Kim’s vision that is noticeable in their products.  The triangular back pockets and the Union Jack logo are distinctive signature marks. The Hudson Jeans have an undeniable place in the increased desire for premium denim.



Levi’s. woman dresses with brand logo on the back and denim jeans

No introduction needed. Levi’s is one of the most notorious denim brands in the world, at the same level as Coca-Cola, Apple or McDonald’s.

The history of Levi’s is well known. The brand was founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss, a German immigrant in the United States of America. He followed the idea of Jacob Davis, a tailor, of reinforcing the jeans’ points of strain with rivets. That was done to make the workers’ pants more durable, and he believed it was something that could thrive. Result? He hit the Jackpot!! And created a brand that served as benchmarking and inspiration for most of denim manufacturers around the world.

Currently, the San Francisco brand has 2800 stores and approximately 16.000 employees around the world, reaching 4.9 billion dollars in revenue in 2017.

There’s no need to say why we love Levi’s. Who doesn’t?



Denham Jeans

“An English man in Amesterdam” could be the theme song for Jason Denham, the founder of Denham. This UK native from Newcastle took his search for a premium quality product, respect for tradition and attention to detail to another level.

Amsterdam is an important city regarding denim trends, which makes it play an important role in Jason’s vision. Denham products can be bought in over 20 countries and it has satellite offices in Germany, Japan and China.



Diesel. Denim style

Its 15 lines, 12 licenses, 19 subsidiaries and more than 400 stores in 80 different countries it’s the real proof that the Italian company is one of the most easily recognized fashion and denim brand’s in the world.

Diesel fulfilled the vision of Renzo Rosso: creating an alternative brand for the main players of the luxury market. Since its creation Diesel stands for passion, individuality and self-expression. We love the lines and what the brand stands for.


These are the denim brands that we love

Now you know the denim brands that we love, in 2018. We have several options, from edgy brands to those that are the most recognized.

We believe that this post pays a great respect to the beloved fabric that is denim.

What denim brands do you love?

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