Minority Denim is a laboratory for developing washes and dying, located in the north of Portugal.


The company was founded in April of 2015 by Diogo Aguiar which as a long experience in denim washes and special dying development.

That experience made him realize the markets need and the constant innovation and creativity that this business requires. In consequence he decides to create this project, where he dedicates to share with is clients is knowhow, that includes the latest innovations and techniques.

At this moment Minority Denim provides services in companies around the world, like Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Pakistan, and Dubai.

In order to make long and lasting relations with our clients we take very seriously the data protection, ensuring the total exclusivity in regions and products that different companies may compete.

We also have a partnership with a chemical products supplier, Impocolor, which allows us to fully potentiate the wide range of products that they have to offer.

In this stage we felt the need of growing the team and providing Minority Denim the tools to take the future with great optimism.

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