Looking for a denim innovation specialist?

We are a Denim Lab that works for some amazing brands, developing products, from concept to washing, made by our denim innovation specialists. Need a quote for your brand? Contact a denim innovation specialist.


What we do:

  • Find the latest innovation trends
  • Create high quality products in denim
  • Use the lastest techniques to develop great product samples
  • Do products that are original, but also marketable

And, that way,  we add great value to your clothing collection

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The desert, dunes, sand, the infinite, the search for the oasis, or Lawrence of Arabia imaginary, became the pallet of in which Minority Denim as based to compose this collection’s visual.

What we can do for your clothing brand?

We create amazing denim products for fashion collections all over the world. We can also make fantastic denim or textile products for your company, from concept development, to the finished prototype and specialized training to your production agents. That way, we can make the best so you can have our great quality at a great scale.

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From denim innovation concept to prototype

As denim innovation specialists, we have done hundreds of denim products. But the dedication that we put in each work is always the maximum. We follow the latest denim trends, we use the most advanced denim techniques, but always put a special flavor to it. Because we breath fashion. Because we love what we do.

Specialized Consultancy and Training

Our job may not end in sample development. For many projects and sample developments we do quality control and training in our client’s facilities to grant production goes smoothly and as expected.

Looking for a denim innovation specialist?

What our denim innovation specialists do?

Concept Development

We will do our creative work to make an amazing product according to your brands needs.

Denim Wash & Dyeing

We will do the washes and dyeing to make the denim have an amazing look and create the prototype that was idealized in concept development.


Prototype testing

We will do the necessary tests to grant that the product meets the best quality requirements and specifications.


We also do training in our client’s production facilities, when needed, to implement processes that allow the production to grant that the pieces are made according to the specifications and have the expected quality.

Who needs a denim innovation specialist?

Brands who have denim collections or denim pieces in their collections can benefit from the expertise of a innovation specialist on this field. Denim creative professionals will have a knowlegde of fashion, products, regulations and client needs in order to create something that not only meets the client expectations, but is also is the most environmental friendly according to production cost targets.

Why work with Minority Denim?

We believe that we don’t do denim pieces. We do beautiful pieces, which happen to be made in denim. Every work of art is unique, like our creations. We  also put client’s interests first, because we share their sucess. And, in what comes to denim creation, we are the real deal.

Our caractheristics:

  • Disruptive
  • Target oriented
  • Creative

Looking for a denim innovation specialist?

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Why do clothing brands bet on denim innovation?

If you’re a brand owner/manager and you’ve got denim products on your collection, you surely understand how important is to have denim innovation, either directly made for you, or by a company that specializes on jeans innovation processes.

Innovative products or processes are important to make brands move forward and, through innovation, using the latest innovation trends, and create amazing products that the market will want and appreciate. Great denim brands, like Levi’s, use innovation to always offer great products. Denim innovation specialists help them to improve their products.

A brand owner can be interested in a particular style or idea. Development will takle that vision in consideration, as well as the adptation for product to be produced in large scale, so it can be loved by costumers, but also easy to produce with a great quality.

Why denim has become so popular

Denim (carcterized by the strong resistence, and indigo colour) is one of the most important and popular clothing fabrics, that has been adopted by persons all over the world. Originally made for workers as a resistant type of fabric, denim found it’s way in the fashion market. Most clothing collections from great brands all over the world feature denim products. Denim is a timeless, stylish type of clothing that goes well with a lot of styles.

Looking for a denim innovation specialist?

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Denim Brands that we love (in 2018)

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