The fast pace we live in has no doubt, as we all know, a great parallel in the rapid and constant mutations that fashion and textile industry are obliged to have to follow this same pace. Hence, the need for a highly skilled professional, a denim innovation specialist. Companies need someone who has the necessary openness to understand and project the vision of the creators.


How a denim lab can help the creator or brands in their conceptions?

A denim lab has the mission to take full advantage and yield that a particular fabric can offer. That means to achieve the difficult balance between the vision of the designer, the realization in production and the target of price. We can do the parallelism with a rock band in which the laundry technicians are the drummer or guitarist: If they perform well they’ll make the lead singer shine, (assuming that he has good vocal skills), him being the designer or the brand.

Denim Innovation Specialist working

How a denim inovation specialist’s contribution can improve the product?

A innovation specialist develops products daily. It also is in constant contact with the various variations and behaviors that fabrics and garments have. The knowledge in industrial washings and dyeing, allows them most often to make a prior advice on how the piece should be produced. That allows companies to avoid future problems in the industrial process, avoiding cost innefiencies.

They can also be important for the initial development of fabrics and to provide important feedback to producers. This makes it possible for the producers to be able to improve and/or alter the composition of the materials. This results in a greater satisfaction from their customers.

Another aspect in which a product developer can make a great contribution could be in the development of chemicals present in the processes of washing and dyeing. This happens due to the constant tests that they perform, which allows them the possibility to know precisely what results or not for a certain wash effect.

Washing – Dyeing Machine

The denim innovation specialist importance in the industry

We can then say that denim innovation specialists position themselves as pivots in this specific area of fashion or textile industry. A denim innovation specialist works as a facilitator of the vision of the designer or brand. He/She also makes the industrial process better, as well as the improvement of the chemical products.

The innovation specialist’s work can also be important in order to bring brands closer to enviromental preservation and energy saving. That allows to create products increasingly efficient, with less ecological footprint.

Denim innovation specialists can help brands and designers to create better products and processes. And that is important to make brands greater, improving product quality, while reducing costs and the environmental impact.

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